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Journey In


May 21st- July 27th

The Goldfinch Gallery is delighted to present a new exhibition of works by visiting international artist Adriana Eyzaguirre entitled: Journey In Colour.

Adriana Eyzaguirre’s recent collection of works are original oil paintings conveying imagery of trees, birds and nature which combine a love of bold, flamboyant bright colours, with a more subtle ambience. Adriana Eyzaguirre grew up in Santiago de Chile, which afforded beautiful light and strong colours.

Studying Fine Arts at University, she considers herself incredibly lucky that one of the top artists in the country Adolpho Couve was teaching there at the same time and under his mentorship, she learned the qualities of the oil paint. Aside from regular class work, she spent many days in his old house by the beach painting landscapes under the bright light of the Pacific Ocean.

Upon completing her studies Adriana moved to London. The vibrant lights of her former residence now replaced by much more muted, dimmer shades and the skies somewhat grey. This, however, did not tone down her palette. On the contrary, the thirst for colour manifested in the paintings she created there. At this point Adriana discovered the birds who visited her garden many times a day; providing a point of focus for the paintings and that connection to nature, for which she longed. Today she lives on a small Greek island called Ithaca, recognised as being at the heart of Odysseus Kingdom, imbued with myths, stories, and surrounded by deep blue water. Here, in her studio Adriana, spends many hours wondering how oil paint can be so giving and how almost everyone, teaches her something new about the process. She has been deeply inspired by traditional Japanese art, in particular the energy, spirituality, and composition.


The magnificent cloudscapes of these surroundings have started to make their way into her paintings. The light, brightness and vibrancy of the magical place has opened up her palette yet again into deep reds, shiny greens, and a whole scale of blues. During her journey to this point, Adriana has amassed not only new techniques, knowledge of materials, drawing and the ability to  Observe and improve, but has also learnt to incorporate personal expression, choices and storytelling acumen gathered over the years.

Adriana Eyzaguirre’s exhibition will run from 21st May until 27th July

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