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Goldfinch Gallery is home to a wide range of local artists and designers. Each piece within our gallery has been carefully curated. We like to showcase some of the most unique and intricate pieces so that our audience always has something different to come and see.

globe 2.jpeg

Wild Wood Bros


Ken Anderson


Lucy Campbell

Kathy Collins

3 In Harbour side.jpeg

Georgia Crook

Madeleine Davenport

Marcus spoon A 2.jpg

Marcus Keaveney

3 In Harbour side.jpeg

Georgia Crook

man on moon 2 - the grey earl, rocket, s

The Grey Earl


Kirsty Dalton

Helen Gallogly


Elizabeth Kemp

Lin Pattullo

Jimmy Lamp.jpeg

Jimmy Laing

Sheila Roberts 'Summer 20'.jpg

Sheila Roberts


Marguerite McCulloch

14. Flamingos-Square Watercolour 73 x 73

Jonathan Sainsbury

green sea copy.jpg

Hetty Williams


Yvonne Spearing

Last Winter

Ann Wegmuller