Claire Allain

Claire has an interest in mark-making, texture and form, which she applies to sculptural pieces of one-off and small-batch studio jewellery. A love of colour and form is realised using a variety of techniques, including enamelling, anodised aluminium and goldsmithing to make individual, quirky pieces. These are created out of the processes involved in making them, so they evolve as the marks are being made rather than being contrived, resulting in a very prolific and fast-moving collection.

Claire has been making jewellery since graduating from the Birmingham School of Jewellery with a B.A Hons in Jewellery and Silversmithing back in 1998. She has been fortunate to live on both sides of the planet and has travelled and seen many things. Claire's love of the outdoors has led her to more rural places. Her time in the UK has been spent mainly by the sea in Cornwall, and now she lives in Scotland. Claire also lived for ten years in New Zealand, where she witnessed and was involved in the recovery of native gold.

Claire's ethics for jewellery making have been influenced not only by the things she has experienced, but also by the people she has worked with and alongside. Claire makes a conscious effort to ensure her practice in both her wedding-ring business and her studio jewellery is as green as possible, using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones.

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