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Hetty Williams

morph lamp copy.jpg
stool copy.jpg
sea lamp.jpg

Hetty Williams is owner and creator of the design line Artinresin. Hetty uses natural objects set in translucent resin to create wall art, lamps and tables. These pieces often incorporate small LED lights to enhance the intensity of the colour.

Hetty also makes smaller pieces including bowls and jewellery. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, especially the aspects of light, colour and water reflections.

She was born in London and went to Camberwell Art School, remaining in London for many years, working in the vibrant art and music world. After travelling extensively, she settled in Dollar and returned to her artistic roots, taking up the challenge of working with resin, a medium that has long fascinated her. Hetty has had close connections with Comrie for several years and is delighted to be part of the Goldfinch Gallery.

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