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Marguerite McCulloch

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Marguerite's art is a reflection of the environment in which she was brought up, being lucky enough in her formative years to have hills and lochs all around her. The rivers and trees of Comrie inspire many of her paintings, and capturing the essence of the light and colour brings an abstract quality and an edge to her work.

Marguerite believes that art is about emotion, both for those who create it and for those who are moved by what they see, whatever the art form. She believes that art has the ability to transform and raise the quality of life for everyone and she strives to make her art both accessible and affordable to all.


Raised in Comrie, Perthshire, Marguerite's earliest inspiration came from walks taken with her brother and sister along with their grandfather, Sam McCulloch. His gentle patience instilled in the hearts of the children a passion for nature’s colours and light, which all three went on to recreate in their art.

In her twenties, Marguerite lived for a short time in County Kerry, Eire. Whilst there, she spent a lot of time walking with her infant children down to where the sea lapped at the doors of the red-roofed cottages at Cromane Point. These images have impacted strongly on Marguerite’s art to the present time.

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