Jimmy Laing

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Movement through space and time goes largely unnoticed as part of everyday life. Jimmy tries to capture some moments of time to save for the future by observing birds as they take off and land, often taking up quite undignified but sculptural poses. He uses a range of materials, some reclaimed, some repurposed and some new. More recently, he has been making lamps and clocks, reflecting his space and time concept. He creates this line of homewares and sculptures using salvaged materials, including car and bicycle parts, rescued designer wallpaper and old colour sample cards. 

Jimmy Laing was born in Comrie in 1959. In his early years, he travelled and worked in Europe, London and Cornwall, where he studied for a while at Falmouth School of Art and Design. On leaving Cornwall, he accompanied sculptor David Westby and painter Leoni Whitton to Tuscany to help renovate an old monastery they planned to turn into an artists' retreat. Work complete, Laing retraced his footsteps, moving from Italy to France and on to Holland, where he lived for three years in Nijmegen before another spell in London then returning to Comrie.