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Welcome to the Goldfinch Gallery Comrie Contemporary Arts Collective.


Located in the beautiful Perthshire village of Comrie, we showcase the work of both established and emerging local artists and makers working in a diverse range of media, from paint to print, glass to wood, sculpture to jewellery and more. Our regularly changing exhibits also provide an inspiring and fascinating insight into the creative talents that thrive in this vibrant rural community. 

Whether you are browsing for a thoughtful gift or perhaps a little self-indulgence, Goldfinch Gallery offers a wealth of originality, authenticity, and, above all, creativity.


Our gallery opening hours are now Monday - Saturday 10 am -5 pm, Sunday 12 am -4 pm. We are delighted to welcome you to this, our new virtual gallery, where you can find out more about our artists and makers, and where you can now purchase items from our online shop.


You are also welcome to contact us on 01764 218867, follow us on Facebook @goldfinchgallerycomrie and Instagram @goldfinchgallery or contact us for inclusion on our mailing list. 

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