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David Cormack


Exhibition of Photographs

25 January – 1 February 2020

David lives in Comrie, Perthshire, and is an artist working in a variety of media.


David was born in 1987 and grew up in Glasgow, living there until the age of 20. He loves the city: the activity, the buildings, the streets and the people. He is at home there, with so much to see and photograph. David moved to Comrie with his family in 2008. He has known this beautiful place since he was born: spring, summer, autumn and winter holidays. David used to live in Glasgow and visit Comrie. Now he lives here and visits Glasgow. His viewpoint and perspective on the world have changed.


With a love for working and being outdoors, David works at Southton Smallholding, which offers horticultural therapy for people with particular needs. He has Down’s Syndrome and also difficulty speaking, but communicates well through visual means including his photographic work, drawing and painting. His camera accompanies him wherever he goes, whether in the city or out in the wilds.

David’s work has been exhibited in Kew Gardens, the Proud Central and the OXO Tower (all in London) through the 'My Perspective' exhibition, which is permanently on tour worldwide. His work has been published in 'Shifting Perspectives', a book bringing together the work of people with Down’s Syndrome and of other professional photographers, studying their lives and personalities. He has also been exhibited at Trellis in Scotland and has illustrated a book about Southton Smallholding, where he works. Recently, David’s work was chosen along with that of four other artists for inclusion in an exhibition at the 'Armadillo' in Glasgow on the occasion of the IASSIDD 2019 International Conference. A selection of this work was exhibited at Project Ability in Glasgow in early spring 2020.


All the work you see is his own and reflects his distinct perspective on the world around him.

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