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'Gertie Comes
to Comrie'

Solo Exhibition

15 July - 20 Sep


A delightful selection of joyful work from London based artist Gertie Young RWS

The Goldfinch Gallery is excited to welcome Gertie Young, for our solo summer show this year. Originally hailing from Nottingham, Gertie moved to London in 1968 to study at Hornsey School of Art. Upon retiring in March 2016, she finally found the time to really focus on her work and she was later elected as a RWS associate of the Royal Watercolour Society 2017 & 2018.

Gertie describes each of her paintings as "A little journey that pushes out into the darkness. They evolve slowly over time. I don't plan anything and the images arise on the paper ion front of me and form themselves slowly from observation, memory and feeling."

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