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Constant visitor - collage, gouache, pencil on card £370


Constant visitor

It’s my own fault really so it’s no use complaining.  He comes every day.  A nuisance and a delight.  A nuisance digger and a breath of life rummaging in the garden.  “Have you been feeding this squirrel?” My friend asks staring into the garden.  Guilty in one.  “Yes I have” I say.  She turns and just looks at me.  I know, I know.  I live somewhere on a continuum between regret and happiness.  But age tends to even things out in the end and I’m content to let things slide and just see what happens. As in painting some things may need to be patched up. Some things can be left and they will see to themselves eventually. I just enjoy the sunshine and the light.


(SOLD) Constant visitor

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