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Short meeting in a lily field collage, acrylic gouache, pencil £390



Thickly collaged and layered an impression of age rises from the surface. Perhaps a palimpsest.  Perhaps a fragment removed from elsewhere and re-used.  Two people meet at night in a field, as if by accident or maybe with an obscure purpose.  A dark breeze blows freely across the landscape like the spirit, passing through wild lilies and grasses, unimpeded by architecture or theological considerations.  It goes where it wants.  In the foreground at the bottom of the scene we are in the present, standing in the middle of our own lives.  Here all possibilities are tangled, we don’t know what the future might bring.  Higher up in the middle ground of the meeting place, they speak.  The quiet voice of the inner self can be heard with its message.  Attentiveness is the natural prayer of the soul.  (Malebranche)


Short meeting in a Lilly Field  Acrylic gouache, pencil £390


Short meeting in a Lilly Field

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