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Jonathan Sainsbury

Exhibition - XL

8 February - 4 March 2020

The Goldfinch Gallery hosted Jonathan Sainsbury’s first solo show in February 2020. Jonathan presented a range of work in various sizes and styles, with originals priced from two hundred to a few thousand pounds as well as postcards affordable to all. Jonathan's pictures express the beauty of our natural world. Some on display, including pieces from Jonathan’s Square Series, depict endangered species from Britain and around the world.

Many of the Squares have been shown in open exhibitions in the UK and abroad: Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Glasgow Institute, Aberdeen Artists’ Society, Society of Wildlife Artists (London), Society of Animal Artists and Artists’ Foundation for Conservation (USA).


"The human desire for knowledge can make us blind to treasure all around us, rarely do we simply meditate on the beauty of the natural world into which we are born. I prod and probe and paint, hoping to reflect something of its complexity, looking for a glimpse of Eden."


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