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Linda Farquharson


Linda Farquharson creates art of whimsical lyricism. Hers is a distinctive graphic style of pared down compositions and delight in pattern making, contrasting the monochrome qualities of relief printmaking with the evocative possibilities of colour.


A gentle humour pervades much of her work: lolloping hares; a worm tugged from the earth; a coy Eve with her apple; the last leaf on an autumnal tree; mermaids arranged like sardines in a can. She is an instinctive ‘makar’: storytelling is at the heart of her work and she draws on motifs and inspiration distilled from a childhood growing up on an Aberdeenshire farm. Reflecting a time when rural life was marked by tradition – the farming and church calendars punctuated by festivals, picnics and flower shows, ponies, the tattie harvest, spying out birds’ nests and local seaside holidays.

Linda’s work reveals a profound love of nature, leavened by the quirks of humanity.

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