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At the Beginning of a New World

Solo Exhibition- Liz Kemp

Liz Kemp Poster.jpeg

The Goldfinch Gallery is delighted to present a new exhibition of works by Liz Kemp entitled: At the Beginning of a New World (Series). Liz Kemp’s recent collection of paintings in the Goldfinch Gallery Comrie are collage-based works using applied images and overpainted in a range of mediums, including acrylics, inks, pastel crayon and gold leaf.

They are a response to the enormous and continuing shock of the Covid pandemic and the new realisations that are emerging to do with the relationship between nature and the modern world.

Liz’s working approach has evolved from her initial training as a sculptor at Edinburgh College of Art and her Fine Art studies at the University of Edinburgh, in particular, the classical Renaissance artists of the 14th and 15th centuries.

Influenced by her sculptural background, the application and reshaping of materials in new forms is at the heart of her approach and Liz commonly works with a wide range of found images and recycled materials to make her various artworks that include sculptural paper bowls, repurposed boxes, a series of wearable art brooches along with her current series of collage paintings. The techniques she first explored in 3-D works have been adapted to the flatter format of the canvas but much of the same “constructive futurism” as Liz often describes her process, underpins the development of her images.

The paintings of 'At the Beginning of a New World' are a visual interpretation of the disruption that the pandemic has brought to the apparent certainties of life before 2020 and the dawning understanding of impending menace arising from a neglected and misunderstood relationship between nature and humans. The serenity of the human figures in the paintings is about to be fundamentally altered by forces previously unseen or ignored and the unknown outcome of this impact is emphasised by saturated colour, the application of overlay and the blurring of outlines. The block canvases allow for parts of the painting to flow over the edges, giving a sculptural form to the work and implying that the images have no solid boundaries - a reflection on the effects of the worldwide crisis that initiated the series of paintings.

This current collection of paintings are part of an on-going series of works that will be presented in the Carpe Diem Gallery in India in 2022 along with three contemporary artists from Goa and Liz is delighted to preview the works in the Goldfinch Gallery

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