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Linda Russell

Exhibition of Botanical Art
7 March - 1 April 2020

Linda Russell - Botanical Illustrator and Artist. Linda hold a diploma from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Scottish native plants and rhododendrons from Ardvorlich provided the inspiration for earlier watercolour paintings. More recent and ongoing work includes native and naturalised trees of historic importance locally and other native plants.

Originally trained in secondary teaching of physical education and dance with subsidiary art and crafts (pottery), Linda progressed during her career to leading a performing arts faculty. A move to Comrie, along with partial retirement, provided the opportunity to develop other interests. A visit to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 2010, where she viewed the Diploma in Botanical Illustration exhibition, was enough to spark interest. A love of gardening coupled with ‘A’ level art formed a good starting point for he full-time diploma studies in botanical illustration, leading to this wonderful series of work. 

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